Friday, May 13, 2011

PS3 Remote Control

So, I was on the fence about whether or not to get the Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray Disc Remote
(linked in the name, but it's showing up weird...) as I have two already for the tv and cable and am short on space. As a result, I decided to try to find out how to use the controller that came with the my PS3 as a remote instead and see how that went before buying the remote. Didn't find a whole lot, so I pieced it together by experimentation.

Decided not to buy the remote as all the features I really need are available with the controller. I wrote them all down for quick reference while I'm still getting used to it, but really, if you can learn button sequences for a game, this is easy as pie (AND there's no stop button to worry about, for those griping about it! ;) ).

Here's the list that I made if you want to try it out for yourself before you decide on what you want/need. I have this posted in a couple other places, incase you run into duplicates and are wondering. :)

Triangle- options menu
X- Play/pause. Stops fast forward/rewind actions and begins play.
Square- DVD menu
O- quit/cancel menu

R1- skip forward chapter
R2- fast forward
L1- skip back chapter
L2- rewind

Right arrow- fast forward
Left arrow- rewind
Up/Down arrow- nothing

Select- chapter info
Start- play/pause
PS- quit menu

Left stick- fast forward or rewind, moving left and right only.
Right stick- pull in any direction to hold pause. Release to play.

Arrow keys and left stick can be used to navigate menus.