Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Boneshaker" review

Another review duplicated from the Seattle Steamrats mailing list, originally posted March 1, 2010.

Just finished Cherie Priest's Boneshaker the other night.

It's interesting. Starts out a tad slow when the story is still
backtracking and up past the introductory portion through the
Outskirts of walled Seattle. Once inside the city though, the pace
picks up, so keep at it! It also becomes much more fascinating when
you have the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack on repeat while
reading the bits after the story moves into the walled city. ^.^

Going to tell a bit of the's first couple chapter stuff so
no yammerings on me tossing spoilers.

Story is centered mostly on Briar and Ezekiel (Zeke) Wilkes, mother
and son. They live on the Outskirts of the now walled-in downtown
Seattle which consist of the Pike, Denny Hill, Pioneer Square to
waterfront areas (the Smith Tower is an airship dock. ^.^), where most
remaining inhabitants now live due to the Blight that's made the
downtown area uninhabitable. Zeke has known all his life from the
accusations and teasing of other kids, that his father, Leviticus Blue
was at fault for causing the Blight gas after driving the Boneshaker
machine under a good portion of Seattle. However, his mother refuses
to tell him, her co-workers or neighbors the truth one way or the
other, so he goes to find his own answers. And there begins the
journey. :)

And for those who've never cracked open the book before, here's an
interesting detail....ALL the text is brown. I quite like it. Easier
on the eyes. :)

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