Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The joy of setting up

-parrot related tutorial videos


Still working on setting up the blog, discovering new things I can tweak (yay for free customization!) and figuring out timing on various projects I have going on.

Presently, I have a sculpture that should be done soon that will be making its first appearance on my Deviant Art page. Also, I've been planning out some more tutorial videos (I have all of one, so far on my tutorial playlist, linked in the side bar on the right).

Upcoming topics:
-answering two questions from a viewer (how I set up my parrot's cage and what sort of cheap parrot food is out there)
-more toy making videos
-addressing proper perches
-potentially toxic materials and options
-I'm considering one on grooming basics, but only if my baby can get comfortable with the camera at close range.

These couple days I've been prepping for some of the vids. Mostly this includes gathering notes and materials together so I'm not hunting for stuff while I'm recording. I've also been trying to plan out the videos a little better. I realized after a few test shots that I consistently exclude some points that I'd wanted to make for the sake of trying to keep the videos short. So, what's going to happen now, is that I'll mention some key topics in a general vid and then link over to more detailed discussions. I'm hoping this will maximize the viewer's time so that they can get the overview, but at the same time, I'm not having to bore some folks by making them sit or fish through the detailed blurbs.

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