Friday, May 21, 2010

Did I mention that I like plants, too?

Oh dear. I've found new ways to continue an old obsession of mine: collecting plants. Usually these are uncommon and exotic varieties such as my crown of thorns Euphorbia and Stapelia carrion flower plant, or just plainly interesting specimens like the creeping nightshade now crawling around the yard or the moss I sporadically (no pun intended) plopped into otherwise empty looking pots that were left around the yard.

Anyhow, I just discovered The Fern and Mossery, a blog on terrariums and moss. Found it while seeking inspirations for making my rather sad looking orchid terrarium look better (I have a bad habit of browsing the sad reject orchids on the clearance shelf at hardware stores for the challenge of reviving them). Mostly it's set up to just for function, but doesn't look all that nice. It's a 12"w x 24"l x 17"d glass tank that was the former home to my long deceased rats (it wasn't a terrarium then. Really!) so it has a lot of potential. I just haven't done anything inspiring with it.

I did come across some nice inspirations though, while browsing The Fern and the Mossery.
12 terrific terrariums (and oh, are they!)

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